Before you buy a new sofa, there are certain things to think about. This is more than a piece of furniture for you to sit on- this is where major decisions will be made, where you will kiss and make up and where you’ll snuggle with your loved ones.

Think cold winter nights- you, cozy on your new suite. You might even fall asleep there. It has to be the right one for you!

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before buying your new sofa.

  1.  Is it the right look for your room? Imagine the sofa in your room. Does it work with your colour scheme? Bring in a sample piece of your carpet and curtains to see if it works.
  2. Will it fit where you want it? First of all, make sure it’ll go in. Sometimes people think it will and have a nasty surprise when it won’t. Take measurements and don’t leave anything to chance. Also, consider what else goes on in the room. Do you have kids/grandkids who like to play on the floor? Dogs who race around the room? Be sure to leave enough space without the suite blocking your radiators and windows.
  3. Is the fabric right for you? Think of what’s important to you when it comes to fabric. Does it need to be easy to clean? Is the softness of the fabric your number one factor? Have you been into the store to actually touch the different kinds of fabrics to see which you like? My personal favourite is eco leather. It’s so advanced these days.
  4. Does it have the support that you need? Do you have back problems or trouble getting in and out of a seated position? If so, you will want one with great back support and to actually try various ones and see which ones feel good to you. Recliners are very popular, both for comfort and for people with mobility issues.
  5. Do you find it comfortable? OK, this seems obvious but how many people are buying their suites online having never even sat in it? To choose the right one for you, you need to see it in person to look, to touch and to actually sit in it. Some of like it soft and squishy, others like a firmer sit that gives more support. Everyone is individual and so looking at a photo just doesn’t cut it!

Buying a new sofa isn’t an every day occurrence and it’s important you get it right. So, come into Parry’s and try our selection of sofas- don’t just look, but sit in them for as long as you like… we will warn you, however, if you fall asleep and it’s closing up time, we’ll have to wake you up 😉