The mattress you choose could be the difference between you waking up in the morning feeling well rested and rejuvenated, or you hitting snooze for the fifth time grumbling that you haven’t had enough sleep.

It could be you carrying on with your day, full of energy and feeling great, or more like an extra in the Walking Dead.

It could mean you skipping around like Mary Poppins should the mood take you, or reaching for more pain killers to alleviate your back pain.

Choosing the right mattress is crucial to your health and wellbeing.

You will spend around a third of your life sleeping on it, it is not a decision to be taken lightly. You are unique. The one that was right for your friend, neighbour or teenage daughter who can sleep for 20 hours on a clothes line without waking may not be the right one for you.

Be Aware of the Types of Mattresses Available

Coil Mattresses

MOST POPULAR! Friendly on the finances, there’s a coil mattress to suit you without you having to spend megabucks. There’s no need to keep sleeping on that bumpy old mattress. Get rid of it and transform your life!


PERSONAL FAVOURITE! Hybrid mattresses are a combination of two other types of mattress for the best in both worlds. They truly are amazing! All the benefits of a pocket sprung mattress combined with the luxury of memory foam.

Pocket Sprung

This is the most common type of mattress. It has springs sewn into fabric pockets, with various levels of tension which make the mattress supportive and durable. Go for a high spring count for maximum support.

Memory Foam

These mattresses mould to the shape of your body and are extremily comfortable. Also, if you share a bed with a restless partner, they will be much less likely to wake you up by shuffling at night.


Latex mattresses last longer than others and they are mould and dust mite resistant. Their feel is a cross between memory foam and the pocket sprung.

Consider Your Sleeping Position

We don’t all sleep in the same position and how you sleep will be a big factor in choosing the perfect mattress. You need to make sure you are fully supported- especially if you tend to sleep on your side. I would avoid a firm mattress if you are a side sleeper and go for memory foam, pocket foam or latex.

How Firm Should It Be?

This mainly comes down to your own personal preference, and you will only know by trying out a variety. Some people think that if they have a bad back, they should buy a mattress that is firm. This is nothing but a load of old codswallop! If you have a bad back, you need to be fully supported while you sleep, going for a mattress that you feel is too firm will not do you, or your back any good.

Choose the correct size

Most people don’t buy big enough beds. Did you know that a double bed isn’t anywhere near as big as two single beds? My advice is to by a bed as big as you can fit in your room. You won’t regret it!

Try them out!

Online shopping is great for a lot of things- not for mattresses. You need to actually try them out and do it properly, don’t be shy!

Bring your sleeping partner if you share a bed, get into the position you normally sleep in. You can even come in your pyjamas like a lady did recently (we adore her) and most importantly…take your time!

You will not be followed around and rushed into making a decision at Parry’s. We understand that you need to take your time to make sure that you are making the right decision in something that will affect something as important as your quality of sleep.

So, come into the store and enjoy your time relaxing and out the different mattresses. If you fall asleep, we’ll leave you to nap 😉