Mattresses should be changed approximately every 8 years.
It’s important that your mattress retains its spring and support. It is gradually lost over the years and without this your body isn’t getting the support it needs and so you can end up with aching muscles, stiff and with back or hip problems. Also you may not be getting the best quality of sleep which will leave you tired and lethargic. This can also lead to you craving food for more energy and it will be more difficult for you to digest foods and keep active throughout the day having a negative impact on your overall health.
As the years go on, your mattress will be home to more and more dust mites as they feed on your dead skin cells and leave droppings that cause problems for allergy sufferers. People sometimes mistake allergies for insomnia, thinking that they have a sleep disorder but in fact they are restless at night due to symptoms caused by dust mites in the mattress such as being itchy all over and having a sore throat.
Here are some signs that you need a new mattress:
• You aren’t sleeping as well as you used to.
• Your mattress is sagging.
• You are not as comfortable in bed as you used to be.
• You suffer from itching, sneezing and sore throats when you are in bed.
• Creaking noises coming from the mattress.
• You are waking up with aching muscles.
• You are developing recurring back pain.
• You can feel the springs.